Saving your rights to see your grandchildren

If you are a grandparent and face the sad circumstance of a break up in your family group, through separation or unforeseen events, you may be worried about your right to continue seeing much-loved grandchildren. Unfortunately, some grandparents only see their grandchildren at crowded school events or from the sideline at sporting occasions. In Australia, […]

Family Law Property Settlements Is a 50/50 split the starting point?

Following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, it is common for separated parties to be unsure and therefore anxious about their entitlements in a property settlement and the assets they are likely to retain. This is only natural given that Family Law is a complicated and emotional area of law which is […]

Children and Divorce: Does Mum Always Keep the Kids?

How can Dad stay involved in the kids lives? Negotiating an arrangement that works for your family What if there’s conflict or violence? Unfortunately, many marriages and relationships don’t work out. However when separating or divorcing, it’s important to achieve an amicable agreement about how to co-parent your children. When reaching agreement, the focus should […]

Children and Divorce: Negotiating School Holidays Following Family Breakdown

Agree school holiday arrangements early to minimise conflict Sadly, many marriages and relationships don’t work out. This can be even more difficult when there are children involved. When making arrangements for your children during separation and divorce, the focus must be on what is best for them. In Australia, both parents are encouraged to take […]

Family Law is more than Divorce

Agree your parenting and custody arrangements Finalise your property settlement Update your estate planning documents When many people think about ‘family law’, they think ‘divorce’. This is in part because people equate the end of a marriage with divorce and in part because of the rise of the American influence of the phrase ‘divorce law’ […]